Neck and back massage therapists will focus on your back, neck and shoulders.
10 Minutes | $10
15 Minutes | $15
20 Minutes | $20
30 Minutes | $30

Foot Massage
30 Minutes | $28
60 Minutes | $45

Stress Tension Eliminator
Relieves sinus and headache to help you more easily relax. Focus on face, head & neck.
Minimum 15 minutes & $1 extra each additional minute.

SWEDISH MASSAGE $35 (30 minutes) $65 ( 60 minutes) 

This European massage utilizes long, fluid strokes to calm the body, manipulating the body with soft and medium pressure that relieves tensions and knots around the muscles and tendons.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE $40 (30 minutes)  $65 (60 minutes) 

Firm pressure designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle located below the surface, Deep holds and releases stimulate blood flow to tension areas and is ideal individuals who experience chronic muscle tightness and consistent pain.

HOT STONE MASSAGE  $75 (60 minutes)

Indulging massage that utilizes hot basalt river stones of varying sizes to deeply penetrate the muscles with heat and smoothing massage. Stones are placed and glided on the body to stimulate blood circulation while tensions are relieved through Swedish or shiatsu massage.